Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Miniature Southwest Impressionist Landscape (click here to see my other paintings on eBay)

5x7 Oil / Canvas

This painting shows the stunning colors of late afternoon light on Saddleback Mountain, not far from my home. I am a full-time professional artist living in Southern California. I also teach plein air workshops and studio classes for other artists. I found this spot while scouting for locations to hold future workshops.

When I spotted this the sun was about to set and I was captivated by the beautiful colors on the mountain. I quickly opened my paintbox and recorded this scene on canvas. I am very pleased with this one and I hope you like it too.

Today’s thought to make you smile:
Chilled champagne

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Blogger Chris Ousley said...

Some fine brushwork. Like butta!

8:05 PM  

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