Wednesday, June 20, 2007

PLEIN AIR PAINTING DEMONSTRATION (click here to see my eBay art)

“TRUCK FARM” by Tom Brown


Today I invite you once again to “look over my shoulder” as I create another painting on location. I discovered this antique truck parked beside a country road. It was late afternoon and I was struck by the golden sunlight washing across the scene.

I began by drawing with the brush to block in the big shapes, paying a bit more attention to accurate drawing of the vehicle. I also made sure to locate the long shadows on the road, since these would change soon.

Then I stated the darkest darks of the trees and foliage before laying in the broad shapes of sunlight in the trees. With this done I moved to captured the elusive color and light in the sky, which was very fleeting, then I added the wood fence along the roadside.

Finally I took the time to carefully paint the truck itself, making sure to get the details accurate (see the detail photo), and last I completed the roadway with its long shadows.

I enjoyed painting this one and hope you liked “watching me work.” If you enjoyed this step-by-step demo please post a comment here on my blog. It will make my day.

Today’s thought to smile about:
The end of a perfect day

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