Saturday, October 02, 2010


11x14 inch original plein air
oil painting by Tom Brown

As Forrest Gump says, “It’s like a box o’ chocolates; ya never know what you’re gonna git.”

Intermittent bouts of sunshine and showers kept us on our toes during the plein air workshop I conducted this morning while I painted this. I shot the photo during the sunshine; can you tell?

Our workshop went something like this: Paint; stop and cover up; okay paint again, quick. Stop; cover up again! Okay, paint again.

Well, maybe not that bad. When we saw droplets hitting the water we covered our paintings and waited for the showers to pass. Then we resumed work when it was safe. Eventually the showers passed and we had beautiful weather for the remainder of the session.

And we all managed to come away with some delightful memories and paintings.

Check out the delicious subtleties of color and thick juicy strokes of luscious oil paint in the detail image. I used a combination of bold and muted hues for a delicate balance of eye-catching color that still maintained a restful feeling.

Hope you like it. As always, feedback or purchase details are welcome.

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Blogger nancy wood said...

Where is this, I think it's a small park in Santa Ana, on the Cusp of Fountain Valley, on McFadden, I spent a year drawing there, because the animal abuse is so catastrophic, I made WANTED posters of kids who bully birds, for some reason Mexicans abandon their children to molest animals in parks, even though the animals are protected by law, at first I complained to the Rangers, but they just called the city cops to arrest me for photographing kids, which is against the law, even for artists, so since my evidence was illegal, I just made big posters of the little monsters beating up on animals and let the court of public opinion sentence them via ostracization. You can't imagine how effective it was: all of their friends teased them mercilessly about the posters, all over town, not just in the park: thank you Kinko's for bringing justice like no other.

7:34 PM  

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