Wednesday, May 25, 2016


CLICK HERE for this 5x7 inch original oil painting.
     Painting sunsets is an art in itself. There are 5 keys that almost guarantee success, but I’ve noticed that most artists in my workshops aren’t even aware of them. But that’s not all.
     There also needs to be a balance between color that is too subtle and colors that are so garish they don’t look real. But there’s an easy way to control that if you know what to look for and how to do it.
     And that’s why I made a video tutorial on how to paint stunning successful sunsets. You can preview it HERE.
     In my video you’ll learn how to organize and design your compositions with the kind of eye-catching elements that make it stand out. And I demonstrate when, why and how to balance bold, vibrant color with muted desaturated color.
     You’ll see how to balance shapes, masses, movement, accents, flow and positioning of elements including secondary focal points and other often-overlooked things.
     I’ll demonstrate what to look for and how to capture the essence of dramatic sunsets, including how to lead the eye, how to use and maximize color balance and more.
     And as a BONUS this video even includes a gallery of other dramatic sunset paintings to keep you inspired. You can DOWNLOAD IT TODAY and get started right away. Go for it, and HAPPY PAINTING.
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