Sunday, April 11, 2021


6x6 inch oil painting.
Bidding starts at $35
A student asked how I could afford to offer these studies so cheaply. Partly it’s because an “opening bid” is not the “actual value” of a piece. It’s simply a starting point. And hopefully if others feel the same about a piece as I do bids will go up. That’s what I always hope will happen. But often a collector does get lucky when nobody else notices an auction.

     Does that bother me? Not really. Because the main reason I paint is for the pure joy of it, for my own personal pleasure. Especially these small studies. And I paint a lot; every day. I’m a lifetime professional artist, and I’m very prolific. I’m always happy to keep these little gems when they don’t sell, and they look great in frames. I have some on my walls that were done decades ago that still look like the day they were painted. And I still love them.

     But my paintings are really meant to be shared with others. To bring beauty into someone else’s life. I’m pleased even when someone gets one for an artificially low price. So if you like this one, why not place a small bid? You might get lucky too. 
















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