Thursday, October 06, 2022

FLASH SALE, Laguna Canyon Study

Laguna Canyon Study
$75 Flash Sale
(for a very short time)
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My wife and I were hiking in Laguna Canyon and I couldn’t resist a couple of quick studies on the spot. This one is painted on Canson Mixed Media paper. One reason I like using oils for these quickies is that it’s easy to capture interesting textural effects like this. Another reason is that the colors don’t change; they remain the same when they dry (which isn’t the case with gouache and acrylics). And I can easily pop “keepers” like this into frames for permanent display.

Artists: If you’re interested in how I assemble a compact kit for oil studies like this, click HERE. I can set up in moments, use my kit anywhere, and bring home multiple fresh paintings like this while staying clean and neat. 



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