Friday, August 10, 2007

BUTTERMILK PANCAKES Original Oil Painting (click here to bid)

6x6 inch original oil painting

Breakfast of champions: buttermilk pancakes, topped with creamy butter and thick maple syrup. I believe an artist should paint what he or she loves. Look at that thick, rich maple syrup spilling over the pancakes. Mmmmm! Doesn’t that make your mouth water? This painting will look great on your own walls, or it will make a wonderful gift for a friend.

A film was recently made by a TV crew to document my oil painting methods as I painted impressionist landscapes on location (en plein air). Check my recent blog entries for photos taken behind the scenes during the filming. Thanks for visiting, and if you like my work tell your friends.

Today’s thought to smile about:
Hot maple syrup. Mmmmm!


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