Wednesday, February 20, 2008


6x8 inch original oil painting

To purchase this painting, email me at

There is something about freeway overpasses that draws me to paint them; I just can’t help myself. For this one I decided to work so loosely that it borders on an abstract. The buildings in the background are merely suggested and there is very little detail anywhere in the painting. I sometimes like this quality of vagueness because it leaves more to the imagination. I am interested in your reaction; let me hear from you.

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Today’s thought to smile about:
Wild palm trees growing in the most unusual places
(When I lived in the Midwest I never saw palm trees.)

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Blogger Nancy said...

Yet another visual feast! If I had known that there was such a thing as this great art I would have dropped everything and followed you for all of these years, this is so wonderful, the thing is, I am very familiar with freeway offramps so I know that you have painted the sound, you may not know it, but I am autistic and we feel and see sound, and this is what it looks like, exactly what it looks like. Often after I see this very scene I try to paint it, away from the sound, and I never get it to be as exacting as this, or to look as easy as this, with the slashes of colors in just exactly the right cords, but it can be done, I feel so much better, or so much less anxious just knowing it can be done, I simply have not done it yet. But seeing that it can be done, here by you, I know I will do it, eventually. -Carol

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