Monday, June 29, 2009


5x4 inch original plein air oil painting
by Tom Brown

To purchase this painting, email me at:

This painting was done the same day as the previous post. A friend and I explored the maze of pathways in a wildlife sanctuary, eventually settling here to paint. When we later tried to return to the entrance we discovered that we were a bit lost.

It took quite a bit of wandering to find our way out. But there were rewards such as seeing a great blue heron from several feet away, observing hawks and waterfowl in their natural habitat, plus a number of other delights you simply don’t get when painting in the studio.

Many artists who follow this blog have been inquiring about my Plein Air Painting videos. All my earlier videos are currently sold out, but I am excited to announce that I have just received a new shipment of my TWO NEWEST VIDEOS from my TV show on Plein Air Painting.

Each video was filmed entirely on location, and the camera zooms in very tight to capture subtleties of color mixtures on the palette and brush techniques as I apply strokes of rich, juicy oils to the canvas.

“JEFFREY OPEN SPACE TRAIL” follows me from start to finish as I work on a large toned panel. You’ll see how to create color variety and continuity throughout the canvas. You will learn about underpainting and overpainting, as well as how to mix the proper consistency of paint for various effects, and much more. In this video I also demonstrate a variety of practical and inexpensive equipment options you can make for outdoor painting.

“PAINTING PLEIN AIR MINIATURES” follows the development of TWO separate paintings in a single video. In this lesson I discuss when, why and how to paint miniatures on location. This video includes lessons on how to unify value-masses in your paintings to create solid compositions, how to lead the eye to the focal point and how to create sizzling surface texture.

Each video is priced at $30 while supplies last (but supplies are limited). Shipping is free within the USA. To order videos email me at:

Thanks for looking. Enjoy the view and have a wonderful day!


Blogger Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Tom your work is great. I wish you could get on pbs on Long Island. I just started painting plein air in my yard last Saturday .I join other artist in Stony Brook next week.

I'll be returning to enjoy and maybe even learn from your work.

3:28 PM  
Blogger policemisconduct2003 said...

Wow, that is a remarkable painting. Sometimes I can hardly believe something so beautiful could exist, when I view your site, it's everything about it, but mostly the shadow areas, that knock me out. I make posters for parks, telling kids not the feed the geese and that sort of thing, it always amazes the rangers, because it works, so well, when all else has failed. I've had a lot of experience, perhaps more than your average park ranger, with both kids and wildlife. A kid only has to see one ducky drawing captioned, "Got Snails? People food makes my tummy hurt!" And never again will mom dad and the kids be throwing hot dog buns in the lake: Kids can relate to tummy aches. I love this kind of work, but I'd rather be painting with you, right now I'm at the law library waiting for my lawyer, (about the car accident). Yesterday he said we will probably settle in four months, meaning that I can buy your videos at about that time. Goose posters don't pay much, but the thrill of seeing an effective migration where stagnation and the consequent hybridization had been, is worth it. I can ride a bike again, thank God, finally. Carol

12:30 PM  

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