Thursday, September 24, 2009


6x8 inch California impressionist
plein air oil painting by Tom Brown

I’m a California Impressionist Plein Air painter, and this is one of my small affordable plein air paintings created on location, directly from nature.

I call these “Little Treasures” because they are like small jewels that bring a special richness into any room of the home.

During the next few days I will be featuring a series of these Impressionist Plein Air Paintings. They are priced very affordably. If you are interested in purchasing this, email me at:

Thanks for looking.


Blogger policemisconduct2003 said...

You should change the name to profoundly beautiful, because they are. Complex without excess. I found a site that has a thousand of your paintings. Wow. It's called Daily Painters. Sometimes I entirely split the foreground from the background, at the horizon and connect the two in the composition, with a river or a road, people say it takes their breath away, I always feel as if someone will say it's ridiculous, you know, to use an entirely different palet within the same painting, but then when I saw on 'DP' that you do the same thing, and I saw how great it looks in your work, I just feel so much more confident now. I'm working on a series of Duck Butts, at the park, because they have geese there with butts that are bigger then Brazil, and when you throw corn kernels into the water they dive after them, with their splashy feet and their gigantic butts: it's so funny. Well, I mean, not that I would ordinarily paint big butts, I usually paint more serious subjects, it just that duck butts have a universally funny element, a transcendent humorous aspect. Silly? So say you, but I think not! -Nancy

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