Friday, February 19, 2010


12x16 inch Impressionist
Original Oil Painting by Tom Brown

The air is sweet and the landscape seems unusually quiet in a heavy fog. The overall effect is a sense of great peacefulness. I’ve painted on locations under these conditions a number of times, creating valuable plein air studies that capture the essence of the moment.

This piece was done in the studio from previous plein air studies. In this painting I was particularly interested in capturing the atmospheric perspective that was accentuated by the foggy conditions. The effect is almost as if a gauzy veil is drawn over each successive plane in the landscape, making each distant plane more pale and indistinct.

I hope I’ve captured that feeling in this piece. If you would like this painting for your home email me at:

Thanks for looking. Have a stunning day!


Blogger policemisconduct2003 said...

I love this painting, I can't understand how people are not so moved by it as to respond. Or how sometimes when they are moved they respond with "Lovely," or something simple; when a whole book could not say how magnificent this painting is. How can they contain themselves, the painting is spell binding, sublime yet compellingly complex and beautiful like a Beethoven symphony. I looked into the very spurious financial practices of the the 'Daily Painters," and found that the behind the scenes attitude of the systems operator (who charges thirty five dollars per month to tell you how to rip off collectors) is why the daily painters are such a pain in the butt to buy from. Buying from 'daily painters' a very distasteful experience and it has left a bad taste in my mouth. People who do art should just do art, don't be seduced into the nonsense of sales, of retail, and of web operators who want you be carnies, not artists. I hate everything about Daily Painters, all of that hard sell pimp promotional crap especially: the time ticking count down discount sales particularly. People Please, sell your art via a reputable dealer, not some shiftless systems scum bag who just wants to pimp you out for thirty five sheckles per month/ Love, Nancy (Galleries do take one third, so do lawyers, but they are worth it, if you find the right ones.)

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