Sunday, July 31, 2011


A spot known as the “Top Of The World” was the location for my Plein Air Workshop yesterday.

Perfect weather and outstanding scenery made it another memorable painting experience for everyone.

This sparkling little gem is a 5x7-inch palette knife painting I did during the workshop. I was interested in capturing the feeling of aerial perspective in this composition.

The view goes on forever. From this elevation we could see beyond the mountains all the way to the most distant horizon, and I wanted to show that here.

I was also interested in showing the variety of greens, from the deep rich colors of the oak to the minty soft greens of the bushes at the base of the tree. And the muted grayed-greens of the hill on the left. I was pleased with the how this one turned out; I hope you like it too.

Thanks for looking,
Tom Brown
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