Thursday, July 04, 2013


It’s JUST PLAIN FUN to paint with a PALETTE KNIFE! And it’s easy!

In the studio or outdoors
I just open my paint box and I’m ready to paint.

Knife painting creates bold, crisp strokes and lively surface texture. It captures the immediacy of a scene and always results in a dramatic painting.

When I’m finished I simply wipe the knife and close my box with the painting inside. Done. No cleanup. No brushes to deal with. No mediums or liquids to handle. It’s instant gratification.

I’ve recently made a new VIDEO on PALETTE KNIFE PAINTING. Scroll down to the DOWNLOAD BUTTON BELOW if you’d like to know all my tips, tricks, techniques and shortcuts.

I include a number of demonstrations showing different approaches to using the knife plus …

-- easy-to-use knife techniques (including edge control)
-- a simple way to use my underpainting-and-overpainting approach
-- a fun way to put figures into your paintings
-- how to work on toned panels
-- my techniques for painting trees with the knife
-- how to to create eye-catching surface texture

… and there’s even more. You’ll be amazed at how much I packed into this video. The running time is a little more than ten minutes but it’s LOADED WITH INFORMATION and it costs ONLY A FEW BUCKS.

I’m sure you’ll want to watch it again and again as you master these techniques and approaches. Give it a try and START HAVING FUN WITH YOUR OWN PAINTINGS TODAY.

$11.00 (Running time is 10:21)
Click this button to download it
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