Saturday, March 29, 2014


An artist friend recently invited me to join his group for a morning of painting at the ocean in Laguna Beach. It was a perfect day for painting and we all had a wonderful time. I thought I’d show the results of my efforts that day.

I chose to paint a 14x7 inch oil that featured the morning glare on the ocean. It’s shown at the top of this post. And I thought it would also be interesting to show a few other photos as well.  

The second photo was taken from my vantage point as I painted, and it shows how the camera recorded the scene. The camera never picks up the full range of color and value nuances that the eye can see, but this gives you a fair idea of how the scene looked.

In fact, even the photo of my painting doesn’t live up to the actual painting itself, which is normal. Images on a computer screen never show the true beauty of a painting. You’ll also notice that I used a bit of artistic license in my interpretation. I wanted to capture the spirit of the scene while putting a bit more interest into it at the same time.

The third photo shows a few of the other artists at work on their own paintings (that’s me on the far left). It’s worth noting that there were quite a few terrific paintings created by the various artists that day, each with his or her unique interpretation of the scene. Kudos to all.

The final photo shows me with my friend John, who is an artist himself. John is the one who organized the group. He and his wife Susan liked my painting well enough to purchase it right off the easel that morning. I was very flattered, especially since they are both very gifted artists themselves.

I want to thank John and Susan for inviting me, and thanks to the entire group who made me feel so welcome. I look forward to the next opportunity to paint with everyone.

And thanks to all who stopped by my blog today. Have a colorful day.
Tom Brown

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