Tuesday, April 15, 2014


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I saw the “Red Moon” and painted it during the actual eclipse. We had clear skies here in Southern California where I live, and a perfect view of this stunning display of Nature. About 30 minutes past midnight the moon had turned this color and I was set up with my night time outdoor painting easel ready to capture it in this oil painting. As it became this color I went to work recording this phenomenon.

I use a miner’s headlamp when painting outdoors like this at night. As I turn my head the light illuminates whatever I’m looking at, whether it’s my painting or my palette. And since the light is so soft and localized it preserves my night vision.

If you’re curious about my night time setup take a look at my YouTube video where I show this equipment. This was painted with genuine oil paints on a Masonite panel just after midnight, so I guess the actual date it was painted was the start of Tuesday morning, April 15. Enjoy the view!

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