Sunday, October 26, 2014


One of my students asked the other night how I could possibly sell my paintings for such low prices. (They had seen my Pre-Holiday Sale on eBay and Etsy.)

One reason is that I’ve been painting all my life and I’m very prolific. I come from an artistic family; my Mom was an artist, and so was her father.

Anyone who has painted alongside of me knows I paint much faster than most other artists. It’s purely intuitive for me at this point in my life. Like riding a bicycle or driving a car. And so it goes quickly and easily.

Because I’m so prolific I produce lots of paintings. And so I can afford to share them with others at prices the average person can afford.

Something else that I’ve found is that when a painting is labored over for a long time, it loses its freshness. It lacks spontaneity. Often, the more work put into a painting, the less attractive it is. I’ve seen many artists get off to a beautiful start, then keep working on it until they overwork it and paint the life out of it.

I like to capture what I feel, then stop before it’s too late. They say it often takes two people to create a good painting: one to paint it and another person to grab their hand before they go too far and ruin it.

I have more to say about how I can sell my work for these very affordable prices, but I realize this is getting too long and I still have lots more to say. So I’ll continue it tomorrow. Check back then for some other things you probably didn’t know about the life of a full-time artist.

Meanwhile have a look at the paintings I’m offering in my Etsy store and on eBay. These are not auctions; they are priced for immediate purchase with no bidding. Here are links:

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