Saturday, January 23, 2016


$25 – CLICK HERE for the painting shown above.
You may also be interested in my eBook on portraiture.
CLICK HERE for an instant download of this eBook Tutorial.
This tutorial is designed for all skill levels from absolute beginners to more advanced artists who wish to improve their results.

It offers two separate approaches to painting beautiful portraits. You can choose the approach that’s right for you depending on your personal preferences and current level of skill.

This eBook includes a complete step-by-step demonstration showing how I work beginning with a blank canvas and detailing each phase to completion of the painting.

It also includes my supply list for the oil paints I use but you may use acrylics, gouache, pastels or whatever medium you’re most comfortable with.

Recipes for flesh tone mixtures for various complexions are included too, and instructions where and how to add flair while accurately capturing the likeness of your subject. This is something lacking in many “technically accurate” portraits that somehow seem to lack the spark of magic.

This is a surprisingly easy way for beginners to get started painting portraits right. These methods will show you how to paint beautiful portraits with flair, and have FUN doing it. It contains all the basics you’ll need to know. Very little is required in terms of supplies and equipment and I even include a gallery of other paintings for you to copy and stay inspired.

This is a Digital Booklet with 39 pages and loads of full color illustrations. You can view it on your computer or tablet, or print and make it into a booklet. This tutorial was previously available only on CD at a higher price, and is now available in this instant DIGITAL DOWNLOAD format.
CLICK HERE for your instant download.

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