Saturday, February 27, 2016


CLICK HERE for this painting.
Did you know that I do critiques for other artists? I do, and this little jewel is the result of one.
     This study was done as part of a critique another artist requested for his own painting of the scene. In this particular case I felt the subject could be handled very differently than he had painted it.
     And thought I could better explain my suggestions by doing this complete color study as a guide to demonstrate what I had in mind.
     Since my critiques are emailed to artists, an image of this painting was included in the critique but I retained the original.
     And since it is such a delightful little painting in its own right I’ve decided to offer this original on eBay. This is painted with genuine oils on paper, which is mounted on a backing panel so that it’s ready for framing.
     I often do critiques for artists all over the world; it’s the only practical way for many of them to “get together” with me aside from viewing my teaching videos and eBooks. And I have quite a following who come back again and again for more critiques.
     My critiques involve a detailed analysis of the painting with suggestions for how it can be taken up a notch and given a more professional look. I usually offer a “digital paint-over” of changes I recommend, along with clear instructions on how you can make those changes on your original. I even include instructions about how you can safely test the changes with no risk of damaging your original until you’re certain about things.
     In some cases I take things further, like the example shown above.
A critique is $50 per painting, paid in advance via PayPal. I usually send the analysis within 7 to 10 days. I don’t rush things because I want to offer a quality analysis.
     The critique is delivered as a pdf document so that you can view it on most any computer or tablet. You can even print out the pages of the document to study more carefully if you wish.
     If you would like to have me do an in-depth analysis and critique of your own work, email me for details on how to proceed:
     I am certain you will be more than pleased with what I’m able to show you and what you’re able to do as a result. Let me know if this interests you. And regardless, I wish you HAPPY PAINTING!


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