Tuesday, May 24, 2016


CLICK HERE for this 5x7 inch original oil painting.
     What to do when you’re stuck waiting in the car on a rainy day: PAINT of course!
     With the wipers off the rain soon covered the windshield and everything took on a surreal appearance. Things in the distance just became blurs. Oncoming headlights were merely shimmering reflections. It was magical. I thought of the old cliché “Look for the silver lining,” and it certainly applied here.
     By getting out my little pochade box and amusing myself this way I enjoyed what would have been a long and tedious wait. And as a bonus I came away with this sparkling little jewel!
     Thanks for stopping to look; it always brightens my day to know someone else is sharing my vision. Enjoy! And if you’re a fellow artist you may like these downloadable art lessons:
     How to make a pochade box like mine
     My eBook Painting Tutorials
     My Video Painting Tutorials
     Questions? Email me: tombrownstudio@cox.net


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