Thursday, October 27, 2016


CLICK HERE to bid or buy now. This is a 4x4 inch original oil painting.
     I enjoy creating these small field studies when I am out on location. I frequently choose to capture only the "essence" of a scene and ignore all the fussy details. This results in a semi-abstract representation of the subject which I feel is the real heart of it.
     Often as in this case I use only the palette knife, which makes bold decisive strokes and applies thick juicy strokes of luscious oil paints. This creates a very richly textured surface on the finished painting, and adds a lot of interest in its own right. It shows the hand of the artist in the finished work.
     This little jewel is an excellent example. It can be displayed on a small table easel, or framed in an eye-catching frame, or even "floated" on your wall without a frame.
     In any case this one is a delightful little piece that will bring a breath of fresh air into any room. Enjoy!
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