Sunday, January 15, 2017


$50 – CLICK HERE for instant purchase of this oil painting. I love getting outside and painting whatever I find that day. We were at the ocean and it was such a beautiful day I couldn’t resist. I used my small custom paintbox to capture the sparkle of light on the water as people were strolling the shallow waters and climbing on the rocks. This little jewel will bring a bit of sunlight into any room. Enjoy!
     I was asked if there was more information about the regular plein air kit and the painting kit I used for the seascape painting shown here. The full information about the regular plein air kit I recommend is at THIS link. That one is very sturdy, sets up in seconds, mounts on any camera tripod, is very lightweight and takes quite a beating. And it’s very cheap. However you can make a “free” paintbox like the one I used at the ocean for this painting by using any simple cardboard box with a lid that folds up. I affixed the panel to the inside of the lid with rolled-up tape (sticky side out) lined the bottom with palette paper, and then spread my paints on it before tossing it in the car. That way it’s handy and ready to use on a whim. I’ll be posting more info on this kind of thing in the coming weeks. Hope this is useful.

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