Saturday, August 05, 2017


This is one of my quick studies. In these paintings I just go right to the heart of things and stop there. That’s enough. Any more detail would simply kill the freshness of it.
     I do lots of these little jewels when I’m out looking for things to paint.
     I usually don’t show them. They’re private; I keep them for myself.
     But I’m sharing a few of them here to let everyone “look over my shoulder” and see how I sometimes gather ideas for large studio paintings. I love these little gems. They really sparkle.
     These are NOT prints; each one is an original oil painting. I frame them, “float” them on a wall, or display them on small easels. They always look great. And they always bring a special charm to a room. Everyone seems to love them.
     I hope you like them too; and thanks for looking.
     This is one of a series I’m offering on eBay for a very short time.
     Click HERE for this and the others in the series.
     Tom Brown


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