Monday, February 12, 2018


This painting is one of a series of small studies based on sketches I did while traveling in Europe years ago.
     This is an original 4x6 oil painting on primed Bristol. It was painted strictly for my own collection. I had no intention of selling it but a friend suggested I offer it here to see if someone else might want it.
     The initial sketch was done while I was staying at a very remote farm, where generations of the same family had lived as far back as they could remember.
     This little gem would look terrific in the right frame. So for a brief time I’ll be offering a few of these small studies on eBay. But only for a very short time.
     And I’m offering them at very low prices because they’re quite small. But they do seem to pack quite a wallop so if you like this, grab it quickly. Or I might change my mind and keep it for my own collection. To bid or buy instantly click HERE.
     Tom Brown
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