Friday, March 02, 2018


It’s often hard to create a painting that’s BOLD & FREE when you’re working from photos. It’s natural to tighten up. I see this a lot in my workshops.
     My new video is the answer. I’ll show you how to loosen up and create oil paintings that are fresh and lively.
     This video is for ALL skill levels; beginners and professionals alike.
     It includes a complete step-by-step demo in real time. You can watch every brush stroke I take and see exactly how I mix every color.
     I even added captions to help you lock in important tips and techniques.
     You can paint along with me. And then use the same approach for your own projects.
     In a way this is even better than a live workshop because you can work at your own pace. And you can pause or rewind the video whenever you wish.
    Click HERE to download it right now and get started today.


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