Friday, June 08, 2018


I was hooked the moment I spotted these flowers. I did a quick pencil sketch on paper to lock in the patterns of light and shadow before things changed. Then I worked directly on that sketch with oil paints.
     I often do preliminary studies like this on plain paper or cardboard. In fact this is something I’ve shared in my workshops. It helps get the creative juices flowing because you’re less likely to regard it as “precious” and it helps you feel free to take more chances. And that’s when growth happens.
     By the way, these little studies on paper hold up amazingly well. I have quite a few that are decades old and they still look like they did on the day I painted them.
     I thought this might be worth sharing today. Give it a try sometime.
     If you’re interested in this one, email me at This is an oil painting on paper, and the painted area measures a bit more than 5x6 inches.
     To see my gallery of my currently available paintings click here. Thanks for stopping to look.
     Tom Brown


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