Saturday, April 13, 2019


Click HERE to download this new video, just released today for the first time!

I’d like to invite you to have some fun and paint along with me as we create this “Peaceful Day In The Country.”

I have made it very easy to follow, even if you’re a first-time painter. I’m sure you’ll love it.

I use water-mixable oils in this video, but you can use any type of paint you prefer. You’ll see my complete setup as I paint in case you want to have your materials set up the same way.

You’ll immediately see how user-friendly this video is. I take things very slow and explain everything I do. You’ll get loads of easy tips on how to do everything you see me do. And I explain why I’m doing each part of this painting the way you see me painting it.

I walk you through every detail, step by step. You can also see my palette during the entire process, and watch how I mix every color and apply every stroke of paint.

You can pause the video at any time and practice each part of it at your own pace. It’s almost better than being in one of my live workshops.

I’m sure you’ll find this video is just right for YOU, whether you’re an absolute beginner or experienced artist. And you’ll enjoy making this beautiful painting that you will be proud to display on your wall.  

Treat yourself to a delightful painting experience. You can download this video right now and start having fun today. I know you’ll enjoy it, and I wish you HAPPY PAINTING.
           Tom Brown


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