Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Approx. 4x5 inch oil painting

I just returned from a weekend-long plein air workshop north of L.A. We all had a terrific time and created some winning paintings at breath-taking locations, while a movie crew was busy filming just around the bend from us.

We began on the first day with some small “thumbnail” studies. The purpose was to learn how to see strong compositions in the landscape before tackling larger, more detailed paintings. The top image shows one of my 4x5-inch oil studies of Vasquez Rocks. I am including a photo of the actual site for comparison, plus a shot of the artists at work. Note how much the light and shadow on the rocks had already changed when the group shot was taken, compared to the first photo.

As we painted, a number of tourists arrived and began climbing this towering rock formation. Look closely and you can see them in the bottom photo. I couldn't believe they were actually making it all the way to the top! You would never get me up there; guess I'm a coward.

If you’re interested in this study, please email me at tombrownart@gmail.com.

Today’s thought to smile about:
Watching people climb Vasquez Rocks

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