Sunday, January 06, 2008


“Tin can with pencils from my studio”
6x6 original oil
Email me to purchase this.

This is a personal favorite of mine. The composition is deceptively simple, yet bold and powerful. It's a humble subject, the tin can of pencils from my studio. But it has really loose, juicy brushwork that makes it sing! I used only the good strokes when painting this one.

In addition to the brushwork I also like the muted color. Yes, it appears to be gray, but there is beautiful color in there, too. (No black paint was used in the making of this piece.) This one really rings my chimes.

Email me if you can’t live without it. I take PayPal and personal checks. I ship to US only.

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Today’s thought to smile about:
Huell Howser’s enthusiasm about everything
If you’ve never watched one of his shows, you owe it to yourself to Google him and check it out.


Blogger indiaartist said...

Wow! This is stunning. You made a simple subject look like a beauty.

1:23 PM  
Blogger JMahorney said...

Wow. I was immediately struck by this. I think this is a fantastic painting.

6:39 AM  
Blogger Dean H. said...

Hi, Tom! This is the sort of painting that rings my chimes too. Thick, juicy paint..expressive strokes...masterful reflections!


7:03 AM  

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