Monday, March 17, 2008


5x7 inch original oil Daily Painting

I have warm childhood memories of mom filling these jars with tasty foods from our garden for the winter months ahead. Mom would often use melted paraffin to seal the jars before adding the lids. I remember she heated the paraffin very carefully in a double boiler to avoid it catching fire. In the back of our basement were long rows of shelves stocked with colorful jars of every shape and size.

Email me at if you’re interested in this painting or if you would like to commission me to create a special painting for your home or office.

If you’re interested in my instructional CDs on oil painting click the headline above. Details are on my website.

Thanks for stopping to look.

Today’s thought to smile about:
Things mom did to make life better for us

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Blogger Kim Weber said...

Tom, The lovely painting of your Ball jar and comments really stirred up the happy memories of my "Mother Lillie" doing the very same thing as your Mother. We had shelves in the basement too, for her farm-grown veggies, jams & jellies, stored in Ball jars. I helped her snap beans, shuck corn, pick berries and fruit from our trees, a wonderful time in my life. Thank you for sharing your memories-it made my day.

1:30 PM  
Blogger Don Gray said...

Great job, Tom!

12:01 AM  

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