Saturday, May 02, 2009


4x3 inch original plein air
oil painting on fom-cor
by Tom Brown
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About this painting:

I call these miniature oil paintings my “LITTLE TREASURES.” A small painting like this can make a big statement. Sometimes these little gems sparkle like a piece of fine jewelry. I think this is one of those times.

I created this as a study in preparation for a larger painting, then realized that this is a finished painting in its own right.

I painted this at the surf’s edge in Laguna Beach, using my compact paintbox design that is becoming so popular with Southern California plein air painters.

The paintbox is completely self-contained. I simply open the box and paint, then close the lid and I’m packed to go. My wet palette and fresh painting are safely contained inside. Its light weight and compact size make it ideal for climbing down a cliff to the beach when I want to capture a special lighting effect like this.

Many of my plein air students are now using the same paintbox and suggested I make the information available to artists across the country. In response to this request I’ve put full details about it in my electronic handout called “USEFUL TIPS FOR PLEIN AIR PAINTING.” The handout is now available for $10 via email. Let me know if you’re interested.

About Me:

I’m a lifelong artist and host of a TV Art Instruction show. I also conduct painting workshops where I teach oil painting in the Impressionist style. My paintings have sold through top galleries for over 20 years and my work is in private and corporate collections like Sears, Standard Oil, and Coca Cola.

Thanks for looking. Have a beautiful day!


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