Sunday, May 20, 2012


Yesterday I introduced the first in a new series of figure paintings I am developing, showing candid glimpses of people in unguarded moments. Each of the initial paintings in this series features everyday people texting on their cell phones.

Three of the paintings are shown here: “TXT ME,” “CTO” (Check This Out), and “BOOMM” (Bored Out Of My Mind). A detail from “BOOMM” is also shown above, where you can better see the style of brush technique I used.

The concept for these paintings began while I was doing figure studies for recent commissions. In the process I shot hundreds of photos and did endless sketches from life. People at shopping centers, outdoor cafes, in local parks and on the street were my unsuspecting subjects.

I began to see interesting patterns, which evolved into various themes. One theme is the cell phone series that includes the paintings shown here.

In addition to capturing the gestures of the figures I also wanted to bring unique and interesting brushwork to the paintings as you can see in the detail image from “BOOMM.”

Each of the paintings in the entire series is painted in oils on a 6x6 inch canvas panel so that various pieces can be displayed together as a grouping if desired.

These paintings will not be shown on eBay. They are available directly from me, and each is priced at $125. Shipping is free, however I only ship within the USA. If you are interested in purchasing one or more, please email me at

Thanks for looking.


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