Tuesday, August 06, 2013


PAINTING WITH A PALETTE KNIFE is FUN and SIMPLE. It’s a great way to capture a scene with a minimum of fuss. Like this one I painted Saturday during a Plein Air Workshop I taught.

All you need are paints and a knife. There are no brushes to clean later, no solvents to mix or spill. Just open your paint box and get started. When you’re finished, wipe the knife on a tissue and cleanup is complete.

The clean, strong colors and distinctive strokes create paintings with a freshness and impact unique to knife painting. The results are always eye-catching and fresh.

MY NEW VIDEO ON PALETTE KNIFE PAINTING will get you started right, or help you refine your technique. You’ll see live action demonstrations of my own personal tips, secrets and techniques.

It’s a short video but it’s PACKED with information you can use right away.
-- I’ll show you types of knife styles available
   (including some you can easily make yourself)
-- you’ll watch my personal knife techniques as I paint,
-- you’ll see different ways I handle the knife to create edge control,
-- you can copy how I use underpainting and overpainting,
-- you’ll see how I put figures into paintings (it’s easy),
-- I’ll show you how I paint on a toned surface
    (and also on white panels of course),
-- I’ll demonstrate my different techniques to paint trees,
-- you’ll watch me create eye-catching surface texture,
-- and much more.

(10:21 running time) $11.00
Click this button to download it and get started today.
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To purchase the painting above, click here:

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