Wednesday, October 09, 2013


I felt a rare sense of peacefulness here that seems missing from today’s world. That’s what made me want to paint this.

I wanted to capture that feeling and keep it alive; my emotional response to the quiet peaceful mood on this small town’s “Main Street” in early morning light before the world woke up.

This actually IS a street named “Main Street” in a small town in early morning light. The world was not yet awake. The light and mood brought back cherished memories from my childhood, and I wanted to record feeling that in this quick study.

Artists are attracted to plein air painting for a variety of reasons. It might be to create a finished painting directly from the source of inspiration, or to gather information for future studio paintings, test an idea, record a mood, gain brush mileage, or for the simple pleasure of playing with paints and images.

This study was done a combination of those reasons and more. When I began this it was intended only to be a STUDY; to capture the mood and the effects of the early morning light. It wasn’t intended to be a finished painting.

But once I completed this study I realized it had a certain artistic flair as a finished painting in its own right. This painting is a vignette on unstretched canvas.

In one of the photos you can see this painting inside my pochade paint box. The overall canvas size is 8x10 inches. The painted image area is approximately 6x9 inches.

This will look very charming in the right frame, and I’m showing some framing suggestions here as examples.

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