Thursday, May 29, 2014

EL TORO MARINE CORPS AIR STATION 11x14 Original Oil Painting by Tom Brown

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11x14 OIL ON CANVAS by Tom Brown

This painting features a historically significant subject: a control tower along a runway at the El Toro Marine Corps Air Station.

During the years El Toro was an active military base, every US President in the post-WWII era landed here in Air Force One.

I originally painted this building on location in 2009 during the filming of my TV show, and it almost didn’t happen. The Marine Base had been decommissioned and the land was being converted to what is now the Great Park in Orange County, California.

This tower was scheduled to be demolished soon so we set a date to film this episode for my TV show while the tower still stood. It represented an end of an important era.

When we arrived on the date of filming a work crew had arrived two weeks ahead of schedule and was already demolishing the building. I literally painted this building as demolition was in progress!

I captured it just in time! The original painting from the TV show is in my private collection and currently hangs in my studio. This is an original oil painting that I created from that one, during a recent workshop I taught for other artists. It is available for direct purchase (with no competitive bidding) in my Etsy store. Click here to purchase:

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