Monday, October 27, 2014


Yesterday I explained a bit of my background that makes it possible to share my work with people at such affordable prices.

One of my students had asked recently how I could possibly sell my paintings for such low prices after seeing my Pre-Holiday Sale on eBay and Etsy, and I gave some of the reasons yesterday. But there are other reasons too.

I paint for the pure joy of it. I like to share the beauty I see with others. It’s a way of connecting with people. And when someone feels that connection enough to want to own one of my paintings, I feel I’ve succeeded.

But there is more to it than that. Many people who follow my blog are not aware that I also create larger paintings too. These are usually done on commission, and they actually account for much of my work.

The paintings I show online are usually smaller pieces, often my plein air work. And it allows new collectors to become familiar with my work. But I paint in all sizes from miniatures to murals.

For example some of my larger works are on permanent display in our local City Hall lobby. I was commissioned by the City to produce three landscapes of the area, based on my plein air work. Each of these paintings measures 5 feet in width.

Frequently a collector who has bought one of the smaller pieces that I show on my blog will want a larger painting for their living room or office lobby. And a great many of these collectors return again and again for more paintings.

So the small paintings I sell online are actually a very efficient way to enable new art collectors to see my work in person, and to own one or more of my paintings before committing to a larger, more important commission.

So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each of my collectors for helping make this a wonderful year for me. It’s very fulfilling to know that I have connected with each of you through my work.

And for anyone who hasn’t yet had the chance to enjoy one of my paintings in person, have a look at the paintings I’m offering during this special sale in my Etsy store and on eBay. These are not auctions; they are priced for immediate purchase with no bidding. Here are links:

Click HERE for paintings in my Etsy Store

Click HERE for my eBay paintings

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