Friday, October 23, 2015


I often get emails from other artists who say they find it interesting to see a photo of a scene I've painted. They like to compare it to my interpretation of the subject, to see how and where I've made artistic changes. And so I am showing a photo here of the actual site that was my inspiration.

For example in this instance I felt it improved the painting when I added a bit more color and life to the foothills in the background. I also simplified the buildings on this farm so they wouldn't attract too much attention. And I emphasized the rough texture of the plowed field and enhanced the colors in the trees.

Finally, I made some changes in the sky which I felt helped the overall mood of the painting. This is all part of composing an attractive painting from the raw material presented by Nature. I was very pleased with the outcome and hope you like it as well as the notes about how I painted it.
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