Saturday, March 26, 2016


CLICK HERE for this 5x7 original oil.
I met the most delightful couple from the U.K. while painting this. They timidly approached as I was painting and politely asked permission to watch, promising to be very quiet. Actually I rather enjoy chatting with bystanders as I paint and told them so.
     It doesn’t disturb me because I’m used to talking and painting at the same time while I teach workshops. So we soon had a conversation going. It turned out they were here on holiday.
     “Your style is quite energetic,” the woman commented as I finished this painting. “It very much expresses the feeling of this coast.”
     I’ve never heard that description used; an “energetic” style. But that actually does describe how I feel when painting, and I made a mental note to remember that description.
     I had also brought a much larger panel with me and when this painting was finished I launched into that one with the same “energetic” approach.
     As I worked on that painting I noticed the couple having a hushed conversation for a time. Momentarily the gentleman approached and respectfully inquired if I would be willing to allow them to purchase the larger one.
     Of course I was willing! And fortunately I had affixed the panel to one of my custom backings that becomes a safe shipping container for easy transport. So it was good to go.
     When I finally packed my things to leave they asked if I would join them for lunch. Which I did, and we spent a considerable time enjoying each others’ company.
     All in all it was a memorable day and everyone went away happy.
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