Saturday, July 02, 2016


CLICK HERE for this 6x4” oil painting “COUNTRY ROAD”
For this little treasure I used the same pocket-sized painting kit that I’ve shown on my blog in an earlier post. Recently I had used this compact painting kit while at the airport waiting for a flight. At that time I did drawings and paintings of a number of passengers at the airport.
     Obviously it’s also very handy to use when I am out in the country and happen upon something like the scene I painted here. I can park beside the road and be set up and painting within minutes. It’s a great way to capture subjects that might otherwise be overlooked.
     I’ve shared this kit with my workshop students and demonstrated how I use it on location. It’s very compact, yet it holds everything I need: paints, brushes, freshly-painted panels like the one shown above and more. It’s ideal for spur-of-the-moment paintings like this.
     I’m sharing a photo of my kit below that was taken when I used it at the airport recently. If you’re interested in putting together a kit like this for yourself keep an eye on my blog and I’ll share more details when I can. Meanwhile have a great day and HAPPY PAINTING.
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