Monday, July 18, 2016


CLICK HERE for this Original Oil Painting on a 7x5 Inch Masonite Panel.
     Recently I've been alternating between painting landscapes like this on location and doing smaller candid paintings and drawings of people in public places like shopping malls and outdoor cafés.
     For the café sketches I use the super-compact new “stealth kit” I designed, and for plein air paintings like this one I use the lightweight pochade box you’ve seen in my YouTube videos. I love that pochade box. I can be set up and painting in an instant. Which is very handy at times like when I did today’s painting.
     Each type of painting reinforces the other, helping me to stay fresh while painting either type of subject. I strongly urge all artists to do this; it advances your skills faster than you’d imagine. And it’s just plain FUN.
     For this painting I knew in advance I'd need to move quickly in order to capture the subtle colors here. The sun sets very quickly when it gets this low in the sky, and the colors change rapidly.
     I always feel elated when I've managed to catch all the subtleties of color at a moment like this, and I was particularly pleased with this one. I hope you like it too.
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