Sunday, April 30, 2017


Many people are unaware that I paint abstracts as well as realistic subjects. I do. And I thought I’d offer a few comments about that today.
     A successful abstract often uses the same principles as landscapes or still lifes.
     Composition is equally important to either style of painting. The use of color and values, edge treatment and other concepts used in a still life or landscape also apply to a strong abstract.
     In these examples you can see how the masses of values and colors have been carefully juxtaposed in relation to each other to create a powerful foundation.
     It’s equally important to lead the eye through an abstract composition as in a realistic landscape, portrait or figure painting.
     Here you see rich, saturated color balanced by soft, muted hues. Darks are balanced against lights. Warm colors against cool areas. Clean, crisp edges are balanced by soft, diffused areas.
     I’ve always found that the same concepts are equally important to abstracts or realistic paintings.
     Click HERE if you’d like to own any of these. Each one is a 5x7 oil painting on hardboard panel, ready to frame.
     Thanks for stopping by.
Tom Brown


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