Monday, January 29, 2018


I prefer to paint directly from Nature (en plein air). But sometimes a photo is the only way to capture reference that would disappear too quickly. This painting was created in the studio while working from a photo taken out the car window.
     When working from a photo or directly from life, I prefer to express my reaction to the subject rather than simply trying to copy what a camera sees. That’s how I approached this one.
     Artists who follow my work online often tell me they appreciate comparing my interpretation of a subject with what Nature offers. So I’m showing my reference photo here too.
     “A FLEETING MOMENT” is an original oil painting on a 5x10 inch primed foam core panel. It is temporarily priced at $100. But that price may change soon, so if you’d like it click HERE while it’s available.
     Thanks for looking. – Tom Brown


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