Tuesday, April 16, 2019


When I’m in a hurry I might do a quick pencil sketch. And then paint directly over that sketch later when I have more time. In fact the sketchbook page shown below was started that way.
   And later I used it as one of the painting demos in my new video. Working this way allows all the time necessary to refine or rework any given area. You can see that happen in the second demo painting I did in that new video too.
   But today when my wife was gathering roses for the house I was able to grab a photo before they disappeared. Working from the photo allowed me to take my time. There was no hurry; the flowers were not going anywhere.
   So rather than beginning with a preliminary sketch I simply took my time and began placing color spots as accurately as possible directly on the page.
   I regarded each stroke as a finished piece of the painting. And I did no reworking of any of the areas.
   It’s a riskier way to work than when painting over a preliminary sketch, but I was delighted with the results. This is an oil painting on a 6x8 sheet of Mixed Media paper.
   I wish you HAPPY PAINTING too, and I hope all your paintings are winners today.
   PS: Here’s a link to my new video.


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