Sunday, November 26, 2006

COUNTRY BED & BREAKFAST (click here to view my eBay auctions)

I had recently offered this painting on eBay but an unauthorized hacker became involved in the bidding and the auction had to be terminated. I plan to post it on eBay again soon, but if you are interested in purchasing this painting please email me in advance and we can deal directly.

This setting has wonderful memories. During a recent painting trip I spent a very restful night at this charming bed and breakfast. I awoke to the welcome sounds of birds in the treetops outside old lace curtains that glowed with morning sunlight.

The smell of a hearty breakfast greeted me as I yawned my way down a flight of creaky stairs. And later, with a final cup of coffee in hand I dashed back up to paint this cozy picture while the light remained.


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