Saturday, November 18, 2006

Tom Brown’s OIL PAINTING ART LESSON #6 on a CD (click here to buy)

JOIN ME FOR THE FUN OF OIL PAINTING! In this Art Workshop on a CD I show you EVERYTHING to do, step by step. I even give you a line drawing to trace onto your canvas for an easy start. It’s like attending my live workshop in your own home.

Here’s the story of why I decided to publish these Art Lessons.

Every time I teach a workshop my students are amazed at how simple and easy it is to paint in oils if you have the right guidance. In fact, so many of them wanted to take home my list of tips and techniques in a permanent form that I finally decided to publish them. I openly share everything I know in these lessons. My CD books were an immediate hit with art students, and the list has now grown to 6 volumes.

Each year hundreds of students attend my live workshops. Often the workshops are sold out well in advance and many people are unable to get in. This is the solution. It‘s like having me in the studio with you, guiding you every step of the way. I show you how to mix every color and when to take each stroke. And you can paint at your own pace whenever it’s convenient. You’ll love it.

As a SPECIAL BONUS I’m including an exciting gallery of additional paintings to inspire you to create more of your own masterpieces using the skills you developed during this lesson. Give yourself or a friend the gift of art. Happy Painting! - Tom Brown


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