Sunday, November 04, 2007


6x8 inch original oil
To purchase, please email me at I ship to the United States only.

NEW ART GIVEAWAY: I had so much fun offering the FREE PAINTING last month that I’ve decided to do it again. Here’s how it works. The free painting is not offered today, but keep watching. It could be any day this month! (Maybe even tomorrow!) When I post the free painting you must email me within 48 hours for a chance to win. There are no strings attached; even the shipping is free.

Here’s what LAST MONTH’S WINNER said after receiving her painting. “Thank you for sending the show catalog with the painting I won. I'm so thrilled to have the piece and will enjoy looking at it again and again. I perused the booklet last evening after I opened my mail and enjoyed every page. Absolutely beautiful paintings! I'm enjoying your painting I won! What a lovely juicy piece. Thank you again for giving your fans the chance to win something from you. I'm so thrilled to be the one who got my name picked. Thank you, thank you! I feel very blessed.” -- Diana Moses Botkin,

Reminder about my new painting workshop: If you are an artist I invite you to come paint with me during my PLEIN AIR WORKSHOP on November 17th and 18th near Hollywood. This workshop is for everyone, from ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS to professional artists. Check my website for full details and how to enroll:

Today’s thought to smile about:
Watching reflections in a lake

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