Friday, December 07, 2007


12x16 inch original oil painting

This painting captures that brief, magical moment as the sun slips below the horizon. The sky is a mixture of colors impossible to describe and the mountains blush with pride. It’s my favorite time of day, and every sunset is unique. You’re going to love this one.

This is a larger painting than normally offered on my blog. It measures 12x16 inches and arrives ready to frame. If you’re interested, make me an offer. I can ship promptly so it arrives quickly. It would make a perfect Holiday gift for someone special (even yourself). My email is

By the way, another perfect Holiday gift is my new Art CD. It shows how ANYONE can create a beautiful oil painting on their very first try. I’ve been receiving rave reviews from people who recently bought it. It’s a great little stocking stuffer for just $30 and I ship promptly. Email me if you’re interested.

Today’s thought to smile about:
A crackling fire in the fireplace on a chilly night

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Blogger silvina said...

This is marvelous! I like every painting I get via email from your blog, but this one really grabbed me!

I'm really happy with the "Truck" painting I purchased from you. Can't wait to give it to Steve for Christmas!

11:55 AM  

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