Sunday, August 31, 2008


by Tom Brown
5x7 inch original oil

I wish every artist who follows my blog could join me for my live workshops. We always have a great time, and even first-time artists discover how easy it is to paint if you have good instruction.

If you can’t join me in person, check out my CDs and DVDs. Each CD is like a “book on your computer.” You can even print them out for handy reference. They are designed for every artist from the complete beginner to the seasoned professional.

“OIL PAINTING MADE EASY” shows you how to create a beautiful oil painting on your very first try, in easy-to-follow steps. It tells everything you need to know, including how to mix paint and place the brush strokes. I even list specific recipes for color mixing. It's like attending one of my workshops at home. - $30

“PLEIN AIR PAINTING MADE EASY” shows everything you need to know to join the fun of outdoor painting, including all my inside tips, tricks and techniques. Page 48 even includes a comparison of basic approaches depending on weather conditions. - $30

My DVDs are videos of TV shows where I am filmed in real time, painting on location. You look over my shoulder as I create a number of paintings under different conditions. Each DVD is $30, or you can get the full set of 4 for just $100. If you are going to get just one, I suggest “BACK BAY” where I show you how to make an outdoor painting kit that is virtually free.
Email me for more details.

Today’s thought:
Getting outside to enjoy nature


Blogger Unknown said...

Wow, I love glistening work like this. I really want to see those DVD's of you teaching, if only I had time to come up with $100. And if I didn't sit here ladleing my opinions on the world I probably would have time, so, I had better go and make some money! Carol (I sent you the pic of Dinero, my niece's dog for the portrait I want to commission from you; she took it with her cell phone! God she is good!)Oh and I have a pic to send you of the cowgirl heiresses at the fair, she is the girl on the left, in the cowgirl hat, just so you will know.

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