Tuesday, August 19, 2008


6x6 inch oil painting on canvas

It was a mild day in the countryside with feather-soft clouds floating in clean, fresh air. The silent stream added a note of peace and serenity to the moment, and made me open my paintbox to capture the feelings on canvas. Hope you like it.

If you would like to try your hand at oil painting, check out my series of CDs and DVDs that will get you started right. They show how anyone can paint well on their first try. The DVDs are episodes from my TV shows where I am filmed live on location painting the scenes in front of us. The CDs are “e-books” that you can use on your computer or print out for reference. Email me for details if you’re interested. tombrownstudio@cox.net.

If you’re in the Orange County area stop and view my new show of work in Laguna Beach. The gallery address is: ARTIST EYE LAGUNA GALLERY, 1294 S. Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA. Email me for additional details: tombrownstudio@cox.net.

Today’s thought to smile about:
The peace and serenity of nature


Blogger trailbee said...

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8:08 AM  
Blogger trailbee said...

I love this painting.Last year the Oakland Museum of Calif. had an exhibit, California As Muse, The Art of Arthur & Lucia Mathews.Your paintings remind me of their work; much like the works at the Irvine Museum, one of my favorite haunts.It is this plein air concept in all its glory.Thank you.

8:25 AM  
Blogger Carol Schiff Studio said...

I like this painting a lot! Very calming and beautiful. Thank you for posting it and the wonderful helpful comments you include in your blogs. Carol

5:29 AM  

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