Monday, January 30, 2012


ARTISTS: Join me for another PLEIN AIR workshop this coming Saturday!

In response to so many requests after last Saturday’s Plein Air session, I plan to conduct another class at a different location this Saturday, February 4. We’ll meet from 9am to noon this time. I’d love to have you join me once again.

I plan to begin the class with a brief demonstration and lecture about how to approach the subject, then I’ll be available to give lots of one-on-one assistance to anyone who asks.

I’ve chosen another inspiring site with plenty that I’m sure you’ll want to paint. Convenient parking and restrooms are available. Email me for details if you plan to be there:

My goal when painting is to capture what the heart sees; the emotional impact of the moment. I take inspiration from Nature, and blend it with my feelings.

This painting is a good example. “BEAUTY IS EVERYWHERE” is a 5x7 inch “plein air” painting on a foam board panel. I’m including a shapshot of the scene that I took while painting along the edge of the road using the small pochade paintbox you’ve seen in many of my YouTube videos.

I actually painted this just for my own reference, to lock in the color and mood of the moment with the intention of creating a larger studio painting based on this study.

Once it came together, however, I decided that this is a fully finished piece in its own right and I’ve put it on eBay. It’s a very short auction; just three days, ending Thursday at 4:36pm PST. Click here to bid:

Thanks for stopping to look.



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