Saturday, September 14, 2013


There’s a huge difference between “fine art” drawing and sketching as reference to paint from.

For example THE COWBOY shown here was created to be framed as fine art. But THE BIG SUR COAST sketches were done pre-planning for oil paintings.

Many artists don’t distinguish the difference and as a result they fail to enjoy the tremendous benefits of using pre-planning sketches for their paintings. I see this all the time in Plein Air Workshops I teach.

Once I show them the difference they’re suddenly painting “keepers” almost every time.

Pre-planning sketches are a very effective tool, but only if they’re done the right way. It can be the most valuable few minutes an artist spends.

My Workshop artists have often told me I should make a video so everyone can benefit from this, and I finally have.

In the video I explore a number of pre-planning sketches that tell me if the value pattern works well, the best arrangement of shapes to use, how to effectively emphasize what I want to feature, and other keys to understand before painting.

Then you’ll watch me go on to create an entire painting from start to finish using one of these sketches.

I even include a gallery of other paintings and the sketches I used to create them. Many of them were done during Plein Air Workshops I taught for other artists.

If you think you could benefit from guidance in this, just click the instant-download button here.

(Running time is 10:26) $11.00
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Thanks for looking.
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